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About the artist

Lunar CatWarm fantasy, child’s dreams, essence of nature, the elements of Water and Air, magical creatures – that’s what everyone notices first looking at Leonid Kolosov’s works. The range of individual feelings and emotions of a person watching this amazing world on his canvases is much wider and more interesting. The beauty of magnificent soft and downy cats makes feel tenderness, wonderful forms and spaces surprise, comparing individual visual patterns of Slavan mythology heroes with artist’s vision viewers sometimes make unexpected discoveries.

Leonid Kolosov uses different styles and techniques: oil painting, pastel, watercolour, engraving, book graphics and scenic designs.

The combination of real and supernatural the painter calls irrealism. In his painting abstract and cosmic elements are combined with terrestrial, warm and familiar ones. In his pictures not only boundaries of genres are effaced, but also boundaries between different worlds, between reality and fantasy can hardly be discerned.

Pictures of Leonid Kolosov arouse diverse emotions, sometimes unpredictable. But the most important thing is that they make us dream and fantasize. However, very often spectators’ dreams and impressions are totally unlike the message the artist put into his painting. Leonid believes that evoking individual dreams, individual inward music and individual emotions in each particular viewer is the main and dominating effect of his creative work.

Phantasmal DanceThe painter himself doesn’t understand perfectly how he manages to gain this richness of images he creates. Besides conscious and mental structures, plenty of intuitive impulses work on creative process.

Thus, in looks usual mushrooms resemble visitants from another world disturbing seeming peace (Phantasmal Dance, Wanderers of Desert), windows of the artist’s own workroom become symbols of universe opening outside this small cell (Window in the Workshop. Nizhny Novgorod), and a nude posing for the picture suddenly turns into a dewdrop falling  from pert green leaves when we see her on the canvas.

In Leonid Kolosov paintings there’s no weakness of croquis, incompleteness or sketchiness of images. Images, mood and enigma created by the artist’s imagination sink into the mind. And it should be, because one of the aims of art is to arise emotions in spectators and put them into a flutter.

Welcome to magic world of creativity of Leonid Kolosov!